"Letters Home to Hero Street" at work in an Iowa classroom.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Purchase DVDs

School or College libraries may purchase our DVDs at the current retail price for placement in their collection for use by individual students or teachers. Your purchase does not include a Public Performance License for classroom use (see below). To select and order a DVD for your school library, please visit our SHOP PAGE.


If you represent a Public Library or Museum CLICK HERE.


Public Performance Licenses

Schools, Colleges, Universities and Teachers may purchase a Public Performance License that allows unlimited classroom use. This is a one-time fee per institution, and it includes the DVD and a Teacher's Guide (if available). Public Performance Licenses are $100-200* per film. Discounts are available for multiple titles. To request licensing fees for the film(s) you have in mind, please visit our CONTACT PAGE.


Both a Teacher's Guide aimed at High School and College students, and a Curriculum Guide for students in grades 4-8, are available for Lost Nation: The Ioway 1. CLICK HERE for more information.


If you need one of our films and a Public Performance License, but your school resources are limited, we will find a local sponsor and/or donate a portion of the cost.


Digital Streaming Licenses

We are now offering Digital Streaming Licenses that allow Schools, Colleges, and Universities to upload special video files that we provide to their own server for on-demand access to teachers and professors. In accordance with industry standards, the fee covers a defined period of years and then must be renewed. Titles already available in for Digital Streaming are listed below. If you are the first to request a digital streaming license for one of our films, we're offering a significant discount and an extended licensing period. Visit our CONTACT PAGE to inquire about Digital Streaming Licenses.


The film series below is available as a package of three films, or individually:

Lost Nation: The Ioway 1 (and nearly two hours of additional video features)

Lost Nation: The Ioway 2 (and all video features available on the DVD)

Lost Nation: The Ioway 3 (and all video features available on the DVD)


Classroom Appearances

We also offer personal appearances** along with showings of our films in classrooms. Our programs include a "lobby display" of items related to the topic and the making of the film, a film screening, and a Q & A with students. The presentation can be customized for length and thematic focus as per your course requirements. Personal appearances** include a speaker (usually the filmmakers), public performance license and DVD, and the cost is usually $250-$500* plus mileage and lodging (if required). To receive a quote, visit our CONTACT PAGE and describe your needs and location.


*If your program is part of a grant, we can usually structure our fees to comply with your grant requirements.


**We are available for a limited number of FREE classroom appearances in the Quad Cities area as our schedule permits.




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