Tammy (left) and Kelly Rundle at the Putnam Museum in Davenport, Iowa

Libraries & Museums

Purchase DVDs

Libraries may purchase our DVDs at the current retail price for placement in their collection for use by individual patrons. To select and order, please visit our SHOP PAGE.


If you represent a School or College CLICK HERE.


DVDs for Resale

Does your Museum have a gift shop? Our DVDs are available at the wholesale price of $12 each. Shipping is FREE. To place an order, send us a message listing titles and quantities via our CONTACT PAGE.


Public Performance Licenses

Libraries and Museums may also purchase a Public Performance License for films. This one-time fee allows unlimited free (non-ticketed) public showings at your location and includes the DVD. Public Performance Licenses are $100-150* per film. Discounts are available for multiple titles. To request licensing fees for the film you have in mind, please visit our CONTACT PAGE.


Personal Appearances

We also do personal appearances along with showings of our films. Our programs include a "lobby display" of items related to the topic and the making of the film, a film screening, and a Q & A with audience members. The program can be customized toward your event's topic or theme. Personal appearances include a speaker (usually the filmmakers), public performance license and DVD, and the cost is usually $500* plus mileage and hotel (if required). Projection and sound equipment can be provided for an additional fee. To receive a quote, visit our CONTACT PAGE and describe your event and location.


NOTE: If you are a Museum in need of production services and/or media elements for exhibits, please visit our CONTACT PAGE to request more information.


*If your program is part of a grant, we can usually structure our fees to comply with your grant requirements.



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